Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cat Pillows

Last Christmas I decided to make my granddaughters'  cat and my daughter's cat a nice stuffed pillow and then put some dried catnip in the pillow and sewed it up.  Well, when their presents were opened, they immediately laid down on them and sleep on the pillows all of the time.  So.... made some of the other daughters and granddaughter's cats pillows and they are sleeping on them also.  Even one little dog, who liked catnip, likes the pillow.  So....I guess I have invented a cat pillow that they will actually sleep on.  There is always an exception and of course I would have the exception.  My cat, Smokey, a Himalayan cat, also an illegal alien smuggled in from the Bahamas when she was just a little kitten, just will have nothing to do with my pillows.
Also at Christmas, my daughter has these two Akitas and wanted some pillows so I made them big pillows and stuffed them with nice soft stuffing and put cut up pieces of peacock feathers in them and they have been sleeping on their pillows ever since.  So, now, Merry, Boo, Tinker Bell, Oliver, Cootie Bug, Tugboat Annie, Big Bob, Caeser, Freckles, Kinsley, Nemesis and Ronin all have nice soft pillows from Grandma.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Strange Tracks at "Trid"

Last January 7, 2011, some snow was on the ground and out in the back yard, I observed this strange tunnel like track in the grass.  The snow and grass had been smashed down and that left it looking like a big snake had gone through there but, no snake would be gliding through the yard as cold as it was last January 7th, so I do not know what kind of tracks this was.
Now, here we are, spring of 2011, and that large, long track is still there in the grass, it is really all smashed down and is very visible as you can see from the pictures.

First Bluebird of sighted at "Trid"!

On Friday, March 18, 2011, as I glanced out my kitchen window, there it was.... an Eastern Bluebird, sitting on the roof of the bird feeder, just as blue as the sky.  So, I ran and grabbed my camera and when I returned to the window it had turned around so that I got a good front view.  It clearly shows the beautiful blue but the back view of the Bluebird is all blue on the male.  The female is not very blue but is kind of grayish-brown.  Hopefully it will come back and decide to nest in one of my boxes.  I will be watching for it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Keeping busy waiting for spring

Spring is coming.  pussywillows are popping out.  Soon they will be blooming and hopefully the bees will be back and swarming all over them.  There were not many bees last year but maybe they will be better this year.
What do you do on these rainy days?  Well, there are lots of things to do.  The Senior Center Art Class keeps me very busy one afternoon a week, will post our latest triumphs on photos.  This time we did an angel fish with black markers.  It ended up quite dynamic and we were all astonished at the effect.  Then, last week we attempted to draw a Lion and a cartoon Lion.  Well, most of them actually looked like a lion and for this we are very thankful.    Today I made dresser scarves out of some material that I had got at a garage sale last summer.  Just take lace and sew on the edges and that makes a really nice scarf for dressers and night stands.  I like to use quilted material, then if you spill something like lotion or whatever it kind of just soaks in.  While making these I cut out several and will work on them one at a time.  Have you looked out the window today?  The grass is getting greener again and yesterday the woods was full of singing birds.  Wonderful!!   This has been a bad time for me with regard to flat tires.  Last week, the Jeep had a flat tire right in the garage so had to call good old Triple A, that one had something it it and White's got it all fixed up and back on the Jeep.  Then, as spring is coming, thought would check out the John Deere.  Well, guess what?  It had two flat tires so since it had not had much care for several years, just called John Deere to take it in and fix it all up.  I have lots of trees to trim and lots of leaves to haul in my little red wagon back to the woods and need the John Deere.  Flower beds need to be cleaned off, have to go to Landmark and get 19-19-19  Fertilizer and bag of Lime and put on all of the dirt in flower beds so the spring rains can soak it in and make them grow all summer.  Then, will wait and see just what comes up and then just plant annuals around the perennials.  Herbs are growing already, especially Chives and Catnip.  Well, let us hope for a sunny day tomorrow.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quiet Day

Today was a very quiet day.  Watched a really cute moved called "Coroline".  It ws a DVD and came with four pair of 3-D glasses.  The little girl was unhappy with her real parents and found the perfect parents but they were not so perfect after all so she went back to her real parents and knew they were the ones she loved.  sounds like a lot of households these days.  
Birds are hungry.  They were a little upset with me, had been feeding them on the deck rail and just had put sunflower seeds out in the yard in a large feeder but they like to eat on the deck rail so I caved and fed them on the rail.  The redbirds are happy now.


"TRID", my own dirt

Another snowy day, maybe some more frostquakes or ice cracks, but a nice day to set up this blog.  Hopefully it will be an uneventful day but you just never know.  Yesterday had a nice surprise when Mary and Glen showed up with supper, even with the sleet coming down, but it was very good and we ate most of it, and they actually made it the hour long drive back to their home.  Thank goodness for Jeeps with four-wheel drive.  They are wonderful.  I think I love my Jeep almost as much as my dirt, but is another story as to why anyone would love dirt and it will be written another time.  The LP gas man was just here, hopefully that is not an omen of more bad winter weather to come yet.