Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cat Pillows

Last Christmas I decided to make my granddaughters'  cat and my daughter's cat a nice stuffed pillow and then put some dried catnip in the pillow and sewed it up.  Well, when their presents were opened, they immediately laid down on them and sleep on the pillows all of the time.  So.... made some of the other daughters and granddaughter's cats pillows and they are sleeping on them also.  Even one little dog, who liked catnip, likes the pillow.  So....I guess I have invented a cat pillow that they will actually sleep on.  There is always an exception and of course I would have the exception.  My cat, Smokey, a Himalayan cat, also an illegal alien smuggled in from the Bahamas when she was just a little kitten, just will have nothing to do with my pillows.
Also at Christmas, my daughter has these two Akitas and wanted some pillows so I made them big pillows and stuffed them with nice soft stuffing and put cut up pieces of peacock feathers in them and they have been sleeping on their pillows ever since.  So, now, Merry, Boo, Tinker Bell, Oliver, Cootie Bug, Tugboat Annie, Big Bob, Caeser, Freckles, Kinsley, Nemesis and Ronin all have nice soft pillows from Grandma.

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